Candles on request

With great pleasure, I will create an even more exceptional candle for you.

If you:

– want to have a wonderful souvenir from an important event in your life?

– want to have candles made of different flower than those available in my regular offer 

– have properly dried plants, which are your favourite?

Please contact me so we can plan details of creating a special candle just for you. 

Świece z natury - jak powstaje świeca

How is the candle made?

Every candle-lantern is handcrafted with the use of carefully selected materials:

– Paraffin is pure only in first quality, it doesn’t smoke and fume

– Flowers are picked up by hands and selected carefully

– A candle wick is made from cotton and unbleached.

All plants, graphics and other materials embedded in the candle are properly combined with the optimal thickness of the wick, which has been adjusted so that when burning out a thick “wall” is formed and there is no risk of decorations igniting.

Dried plants are mostly hidden inside the candle but some of them stick out above the paraffin surface. This creates a magnificent three-dimensional effect of the real meadow, garden or forest depending on the type of used plants. The candle burns inside and creates funnel. In the beginning, the aperture is narrow but with time when the flame is hiding inside the candle the aperture begins to spread and creating more and more illuminated lantern. With proper smoking according to the instruction, the walls of the candle remain completely intact, creating a beautiful lantern that can become a decoration of your interior for a long time.

What is the uniqueness of Magnitudo candles?

Each candle has a story inside and is filled with positive emotions and energy.

Phenomenal effects appear after they are lit because the illuminated floral motifs come alive and an aura of uniqueness arises, which perfectly helps you to relax and unwind.

Even though each candle is created with the same motif, it remains a bit different from others because each plant is slightly different and each candle is made by hand. The uniqueness of Magnitudo candle lanterns: Nobody will have the same candle, because each of them is the only one in the world, unrepeatable, with a unique design – original-like each of us. 

Świece z kwiatami - jak są wykonane
Świece z kwiatami - co zrobić aby długo się paliła

How to make a candle burn for a long time and ensure its proper burning?

Magnitudo candle – lantern characterized with a long burning time. However, to enjoy candle and allow it to shine as long as possible, it is essential to follow below principles of use:

  • shorten the candle wick before each smoking to 4-5 mm length;
  • first smoking should last from 3 to 4 hours without breaks;
  • if the funnel spreads too close to the candle’s walls, you need to shorten the wick and not allow it to fold up;
  • a candle should be rotated around its axis, so the funnel burns round and symmetric;
  • the proper length of the burning wick is 5 mm;
  • put the candle away from inflammable materials;
  • clean the wick from any possible suppositories;
  • do not put the candle in a draught;
  • do not leave candle unsupervised and do not burn within the reach of children and animals;
  • keep a candle in the room temperature (lower temperatures can cause cracks);
  • put a candle on an incombustible stand;
  • if the candle will be exposed to direct sun, it will fade.